Rear 3 Point Seat Belts

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This spring’s update consisted of yet another safety related item.  Three point seat belts for the back seat.  My oldest son, Alex, is now too big for a simple child seat and is now in a booster/belt positioner.  This type of seat requires a full 3 point seat belt.  So, off to Pull-a-Part I went. I found an old conversion van with two after market seat belts in the back that were exactly what I needed.

Several hours later I had (a)removed the old seat belts, (b)reaffirmed my hatred of Torx bolts,  (c)removed and reinstalled my rear bench seat, (d)drilled several holes in my roll cage and (e)bolted the new seat belt retractors to said roll cage.

Now, off to the ice-cream stand! With gas prices as they are, I can’t afford to go trail riding so this is about as fun as it gets sadly.

Update: I had to rotate the retractors 180 deg so they are on the inside of the roll cage.  My soft-top hoops were hitting them.

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