Holy Crap! A Jeep Chronicles Update?

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You can pick yourself up off the floor now.  I’ll wait.

Ok, now that the blood has returned to your brain and you can see again, yes.  I have updated the blog! And with a shiny new WordPress engine too boot!  She’s come a long way since I started this blog back on Blogger.com.

10 years! Holy Crap.

A lot has changed with the Jeep and with me.  First off, yes I still have her. And, yes she is still yellow. The only really major additions since the full roll cage are some sholder harness seat belts for the back seat. The boys are getting bigger and I needed to move them from full 5 point child seats to boosters w/ shoulder belts. I’ll have a post about that update soon.

Now, go get a glass or orange juice or something to get your blood pressure back up to a normal level. Shocks like this can certainly take their toll.

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