Motorcraft 2100 2-barrel Carburetor

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She has a new set of lungs! After extensive on-line research (Thank you I decided to put a Motorcraft 2100 carb in my Jeep. According to most every post on the subject this is a great carb. It is inexpensive ($50 at the junk yard, $12 rebuild kit), easy to rebuild, and forgiving to the novice carb. adjuster/rebuilder.

I got a two barrel intake manifold from an old donor CJ at a local junk yard. I blew out the inside of the manifold with a sand blaster to get the rust and cob-webs out. After drilling and tapping out one of the bolt holes I got it all assembled and bolted on.

Next was the carb. Thanks to my best friend’s father, Rich, I rebuilt the carb. And with a $12 adapter from Summit Racing I had it bolted on. Next, on to the custom throttle linkage.

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