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After 2 years of wheeling, despite the rubber floor maps we have in the Jeep, the paint is getting all scratched an worn out under the mats. So, I decided to put truck bed liner on the floor to protect it and got a gallon of Herculiner.

The first step of painting anything (as we all well know) is to clean it. Emptying out the Jeep took half the afternoon. The other half was spent sweeping and wiping out the tub. Next I did something you would never have dreamed I would do. Cleaned out the edges with a tooth brush and a water spray bottle. It was the only way I could get the dirt out of the seams and crevices. It was a surreal experience considering all the dirt and mud I’ve taken her through.

Next I had to scuff up the paint with a paint scuff pad (I dont’ know ecactly what to call it, one comes with the Herculiner and I got a couple of more from a local automotive paint store.) And then finally I wiped her all down with Xylene (paint thinner like stuff that works wtih the Herculiner.)

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