Alternator Mounting and Adjustment Brackets

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Mounting the alternator below the compressor seems to be the way everyone else is doing it so I decided to go the same route. The alternator was attached to the engine via two 3″ x 1 1/2″ plates of 1/8″ steel. (Pictures soon.) I then needed an adjustment arm to allow the alternator to swing and then be solidly held in place. I was all set to fabricate my own (The drawings are here if you are interested.). But after a quick chat with a good guy over at the local NAPA store, I was off to Todd’s Garage to rummage through his box of (can you guess?) old alternator adjustment arms. Apparently old Fords used a similar arm. $8 later I was heading home with two likely candidates. Five munutes after that one was bolted on. Woo hoo! Now to track down a possible lead on a factory York compressor bracket. If that doesn’t pan out, then it’s fabrication time.

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